About us

Hello, I’m Marko.

I am currently living my dream life. You see, I started as a freelance writer in a Tech Niche and I realized I have a passion for writing. From lack of confidence and ideas to writer’s block. I had my share of those when I started and even until now. But as long as it’s your passion and you are willing to do your best to learn everything, you’d make a good writer.

Most of my articles are based on SaaS, Technology. I love writing about Software services and even other people’s amazing actions- things that are not common nowadays. I love Software and you’re gonna see those in my work. I am very observant and I practice discipline as I write.

With my blog, you would be able to collect ideas on how to write different kinds of articles, what to do when you are having difficulties in writing, and more. You would also be able to learn how to manage your business and the secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur.