What Is The Future Of Virginia Tech Baseball?


Virginia Tech baseball has had a long and successful history, most notably in the 1990s when they made it to the College World Series. However, the future of the program is uncertain.

In recent years, the team has suffered from low attendance and struggles on the field. This year was no exception as they finished last in their division with a record of 4-24. They have also been hit hard by injuries, most notably losing starting pitcher Daniel Cabrera for the season after just five appearances.

Despite these problems, there are some signs that things may be changing for the better. First, it was announced that head coach Tim Curley would not be returning next year. His replacement has not been named yet, but there are reports that former North Carolina State assistant coach DeWayne Wise could take over. Wise has experience coaching at high levels and his teams have consistently performed well.

Another sign of progress is that this year’s team had its best recruiting class in years. In addition, many junior college players have shown interest in transferring to Virginia Tech and playing for Wise’s squad next season. If these changes are successful, then it is possible that Virginia Tech baseball can continue its historic streak of making it to the College World Series.

Virginia Tech baseball has been struggling in the last few years

In the last few years, Virginia Tech baseball has been struggling. The Hokies have not reached the postseason since 2014 and have only had one winning season in that time. With so much change going on at the university, it is hard to predict what the future of Virginia Tech baseball will be. However, with a new head coach and a talented roster, there is reason to believe that the Hokies can turn things around.

The new head coach for VT baseball is Tony Leach. Leach previously coached at Texas A&M and Oklahoma State before coming to Blacksburg. At both schools, he had successful seasons. Leach brings a high level of coaching experience to VT, which should help the team improve rapidly. He has a good relationship with his players and has shown willingness to make changes when necessary.

One of Leach’s first moves was hiring former major league player Lenny Harris as an assistant coach. Harris played in the MLB for 11 seasons, including five with the Washington Nationals. He has a wealth of knowledge about professional baseball and will be able to help strengthen VT’s coaching staff.

Leach also made some key signings this offseason. pitchers Brendon McKay and Hunter Meredith are two of the most highly-rated prospects in college baseball and should provide valuable innings for the Hokies this year. McKay was named First Team All-American by Baseball America this past season while Meredith was named Second Team All-American by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper . These signings indicate that Leach is serious about rebuilding VT’s baseball program and putting the team in a position to compete for championships.

Overall, the changes made by Tony Leach suggest that he is committed to turning around VT’s baseball program. With a talented roster and some strong coaching, the Hokies have a good chance of improving quickly.

The Hokies are looking for new ways to win

Since the 2007 season, Virginia Tech baseball has been looking for ways to win. They have made some progress, but they still need to make more if they want to compete at a high level. Recently, the Hokies have started experimentation with different positions and strategies.

One of their new experiments is using two catchers. This is a common strategy used by teams that want to push runners into second and third base. This allows them to get more aggressive on the bases and increase their chances of scoring. Additionally, using two catchers gives the Hokies another defender in case someone gets caught stealing or makes an error behind the plate.

The Hokies also experimented with a new batting lineup this year. They used five hitters instead of four in order to give themselves more opportunities to score from multiple spots on the field. This was done primarily in order to take advantage of matchups against certain teams. For instance, against ACC opponents, they would use this lineup in order to take advantage of their pitching staff’s weak areas (such as hitting for power).

Overall, these are just a few examples of how the Virginia Tech baseball program is trying to change and improve in order to become a better team. If they continue down these paths, they may one day be able to compete with teams like North Carolina or Duke in the ACC conference.

Baseball is a very expensive sport to run

Baseball at Virginia Tech has been around for over 100 years and is a very expensive sport to run. The team has struggled in recent years, with the exception of their 2002 season when they made it to the College World Series. In order to keep the program running, there are many costs associated with running a baseball program that have to be paid every year. This includes salaries for coaches and players, as well as fees associated with playing in tournaments and conferences. Now that online baseball is becoming more popular, it is likely that the cost of running a baseball program will continue to rise. If this trend continues, it may be difficult for Virginia Tech to keep their baseball program afloat.

There is potential for a resurgence for Virginia Tech baseball

The future of Virginia Tech baseball is uncertain, but there is potential for a resurgence. The Hokies have had several successful seasons in the past, but have not been able to make it to the NCAA Tournament in recent years. There are several reasons why this may be the case. One reason is that the team has not had many consistent players over the years. This has caused the team to be unpredictable and inconsistent.

Another issue is that the stadium does not accommodate baseball well. The field is small and does not give players enough space to play their best game. The fans also do not help by being very vocal during games which can disrupt players’ concentration. However, with improvements to both the stadium and team, there is potential for Virginia Tech baseball to become a strong program once again.


It’s been an interesting few years for Virginia Tech baseball. After a disappointing 2013 season, the Hokies rebounded with back-to-back winning seasons and qualified for the ACC Tournament in both 2014 and 2015. In 2016, after starting the season ranked #11 in the nation, the Hokies fell apart down the stretch and finished ninth in their division. Despite this inconsistency, it’s difficult to say what is going to happen next year given how young most of VT’s roster is. However, there is no doubt that head coach Brian O’Connor has built a competitive program that should continue to improve over time. If you’re interested in following VT baseball next year, make sure to sign up for our mailing list or follow us on social media!

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