The Mama Needs Mana Gaming Lifestyle: The 6 Things That Turned Me Into A Gamer

Gaming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It started out as a simple way to escape the real world, but it quickly grew into something much more. Along the way, gaming became a lifestyle for me, one that I could not live without. And that’s why I think it’s important to share my story and help others find their own mana gaming lifestyle. In this post, you will learn about the six things that turned me into a gamer and how you can do the same. So whether you’re looking for an escape or just want to have some fun, keep reading for tips on how to become a gaming enthusiast like me!

My Background

I was born and raised in the Midwest, and I always loved playing games. Video games were my favourite thing to do when I was a kid. My parents didn’t really get into video gaming until later on in their lives, but they were supportive of my love for it.

Eventually, I started college and moved away from home. It was tough adjusting to living on my own, but I found a way to keep myself occupied by spending more time playing video games. I started to make friends through my gaming community, and that’s when I realised how much fun it was to share my love of gaming with other people.

Nowadays, gaming is everything to me. It’s the only thing that makes me happy, and I would never trade it for anything in the world. That’s why I decided to start blogging about my lifestyle as a gamer – so that other gamers out there can see what it takes to be successful at this hobby.

How Gaming Changed My Life

Gaming has changed my life for the better in so many ways. It’s helped me connect with other gamers and build friendships that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Gaming also gave me a sense of purpose, as I was able to use it to achieve goals I never would have thought possible.

When I first started gaming, it was mostly on older consoles like the Super Nintendo and PlayStation 2. However, when the Xbox 360 came out, that’s when things really took off for me. With its vast array of games, the Xbox 360 allowed me to explore different genres and try out new ones that I may have never tried before.

Playing video games also gave me an opportunity to take care of my mental health by gaining some self-confidence and mental toughness while simultaneously working on my problem-solving skills. In essence, gaming not only improved my social life but also sharpened my mental acuity in ways that are hard to quantify or put into words.

Gaming is such a complex and wide-reaching hobby that there is something for everyone no matter their age, interests, or skill level. If you are looking for an entertaining way to spend your leisure time away from the stresses of daily life, then gaming is definitely something you should consider!

How To Be A Mama With Mana

There are so many ways to be a Mama and be successful. A lot of people might think that gaming is the only way to be successful, but that’s not the case. You can be a Mama and still be successful in gaming by following these tips:

1. Have Passion For What You Do

If you don’t have any passion for what you do then it won’t be very easy for you to stay motivated. Gaming is a very addictive hobby and if you don’t have any passion for it then it will be difficult to stick with it. Make sure you find something that you love doing and dedicate your time to doing that instead of just playing games all the time.

2. Set Realistic Goals For Yourself

Don’t set goals that are too hard to achieve. If your goal is too hard then you will most likely give up on it before even getting started. Instead, set goals that are realistic and achievable, but still challenging. This will keep you motivated and excited about reaching your goals.

3. Find Support Systems

Find supportive people who will encourage and support your efforts as a mama needs mana gaming lifestyle irl things. There are many Mamas out there who are just as passionate about gaming as you are, so finding a support system will help you stay encouraged during tough times. Speaking with other Mamas can also give you great ideas for game modifications or strategies that work well for your specific playstyle.

4. Take Breaks And Erase The Distraction

Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused when you’re trying to game, especially if you’re working on a difficult project. Make sure to take regular breaks and erase all distractions so that you can focus completely on your game. This will help you achieve the level of success that you desire.

My Journey to Become a Mama Gamer

Growing up, my mom was always a fan of playing video games. I remember her playing Super Mario World on the Nintendo 64 when I was just a child, and then later getting her own PlayStation. She would drag me along to her friends’ houses for game nights, and I would end up sitting on the floor next to her as she played through Ocarina of Time or GoldenEye 007.

Fast forward a few years, and I find myself in a similar situation: My wife is obsessed with video games, and we have an impromptu game night every week. We usually play different genres of games, but there’s always one that we gravitate towards: dungeon crawlers, strategy games, shooters – you name it.

As much as I love playing with my wife, there’s something about being able to dive into another world on my own that just feels right. And that’s how I ended up becoming a mama needs mana gaming lifestyle irl things.

Now before you go thinking that this means my days of gaming are over – far from it! In fact, gaming has become an integral part of my lifestyle now that I’m a mother. Here are four reasons why gaming has become such an important part of my life as a Mama Gamer:

1) It helps me wind down after a long day

There’s something about sitting in front of the TV or computer screen and immersing myself in another world that really helps me relax after a long day. Whether it’s playing a video game that I’ve been putting off for weeks or simply chilling out in my favourite world, gaming has become a great way to wind down after a long day.

2) It helps me stay active

While I don’t think the average Mama Gamer spends their whole day glued to the TV or computer screen, gaming does lend itself to being an extremely active form of entertainment. After all, if you’re sitting in front of a screen for hours on end, you’re going to need some form of exercise to counteract all that sitting! So whether it’s taking a quick jog around the block or hitting the gym afterwards, gaming has helped me stay toned and healthy despite being a stay-at-home mom.

3) It keeps me mentally stimulated

One of the biggest problems with staying inactive is that it can quickly lead to boredom. And while we moms definitely do have our moments – especially when it comes to cooking and cleaning – boredom is never fun. That’s why gaming is such a great mental stimulator; not only does it keep me entertained for hours on end, but it also keeps my brain active and working in new ways.

4) It introduces me to new cultures and people

I’ve never been the type of person to jump into a new culture right away. I much prefer to take things slow and see if I like it before I commit. But that’s not always possible, especially when it comes to travel. That’s why gaming has become such a great way for me to explore different cultures and meet new people. After all, video games are one of the few mediums where you can explore a world without ever having to leave your couch!


When I was younger, I never thought that I would become a gamer. In fact, in my early twenties, gaming wasn’t even on my radar. But then something happened: I became pregnant. Suddenly everything changed. No longer could I spend hours glued to the TV; now all of my free time was occupied by breastfeeding and taking care of a newborn baby. Needless to say, this didn’t exactly leave me with loads of free time to indulge in video games (although some nights did find me curled up on the couch playing video games with my son). But that’s when the idea for this blog came about: creating a space where women could share their gaming experiences and tips with one another. As you can imagine, creating this website has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me — not only because it’s given me back some much-needed free time but also because it has created friendships among like minded women who share a common interest in gaming. So if you’re looking for ways to connect with other moms and explore new hobbies together, look no further than Mama Needs Mana!

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