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Nba live 08 pc espn hd patch download

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NBA Live 08 – Old Games Download.Nba live 08.exe free download


It’s essential that patches are extracted to the correct location, based on the type of patch and in some cases, the format in which it is distributed. Roster files are fairly straightforward, whereas art files can sometimes be a little more tricky. See below for more information.

Roster files are saved files, which means they are located in the saves folder. You’ll find this folder in your Documents, under the folder for the game you’re playing. Saved games and rosters are stored within their own subfolders within the saves folder. Roster patches should therefore be distributed as a folder containing saved files, and must placed in the saves folder. Note that you cannot apply roster updates to a Season, Dynasty, or Playoffs game already in progress. Files are simply placed in the appropriate pre-existing folder.

VIV files containing texture and shape files can be found in the subfolders within the sgsm folder. In the main sgsm folder, you’ll find a few art files, such as the game’s lighting files.

As a general rule, any updated VIV file eg courts and jerseys must be placed in the appropriate subfolder, overwriting the original file. The game will load these loose files before it loads their equivalents from any of the VIV files in the subfolders.

Further information on specific types of patches can be found below. Jersey portraits are the images that are displayed in the Select Jersey screen. They are actually stored in the jerseys. The same goes for coaches, though this is usually less common. Not all roster makers use the same naming convention when creating new players and coaches, so if in doubt, open the appropriate players.

Player portraits are actually stored outside of the sgsm folder, under fe in the main game folder, in a file called plyrprts. However, custom portrait files are still extracted to the main sgsm folder, where they will be loaded instead of what’s in the plyrprts. As with portraits, overlays like the scoreboard and all menu files are stored in VIV files within the fe folder.

However, custom menu and overlay files are placed in the main sgsm folder, where they are loaded instead of the files in their respective VIV containers. Logos files are stored in various VIV containers within the fe folder, the same as jersey portraits, player portraits, overlays and menus.

As with those other files, custom logo patches are placed in the main sgsm folder, where they are loaded instead of the files in their respective VIVs.

Shoe files are stored in shoes. Various patches must be placed elsewhere and often involve overwriting the default files. Whenever overwriting the default files, it’s a good idea to keep a backup of the original file handy, just in case something goes wrong. The aiact. It’s located and must be replaced in these folders:. Note that this does not seem to have any effect on NBA Live User icon An illustration of a person’s head and chest.

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