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Download neverwinter nights hordes of the underdark.Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark Download | GameFabrique


Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art. Internet Arcade Console Living Room. Books to Borrow Open Library. Search the Wayback Machine Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass.

Sign up for free Log in. Neverwinter Nights – Hordes of the Underdark Atari EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Language English. Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark Atari There are no reviews yet.

Chapter 2: [2. The Undead army of Valsharess [1. If you, like me, created a character from scratch, you’ll start out by levelling up to How you do that is your choice, there is no Best Way to do this, we all know that.

When you’re done, rest, and watch a sweet cutscene of an angry drow matron and her loyal followers telling about how you’re the Chosen One. Like in all other games, you are no mere adventurer. When you wake up, a drow assassin is stealing your stuff. Kill the culprit. If you loaded your SoU char, that would actually be all the cool gear you had with you from SoU in that chest. Don’t worry though, you will have a chance of getting it later, after you found better gear of course. Now, another female joins the party.

This turns out to be the innkeeper’s daughter, Tamsil. She’s of course sad that you lost your gear, and tells you to go to the armory to get some replacement stuff. Ask her everything to get a bit of basic knowledge about the situation in Waterdeep. Remember to loot the drow for a blue ioun stone, a drow dagger and a trap kit.

Let’s have a look at your remaining gear. A wee dagger, a Relic of the Reaper, a rogue stone for use by the relic of course and a worn book. The book is the story of Undrentide, written by a certain little kobold who used to be the servant of a white dragon. The Relic is this game’s version of the Stone of Recall or Town Portal – whatever you wish to call it.

Either way, you can find out about it by reading the description, or taking a trip to your little pocket plane and talking to the Reaper himself. You even have a journal entry about it, try checking your completed quests. Go out of your room, and to the right to get to the armory. It even has a convenient sign. Check everything, take everything, the stuff you can’t use will do nicely for giving you a little starting cash.

Don’t sell the rogue stones however, you’ll need those for your relic. If you’re really polite with Tanarell and asks him for all advice about Undermountain, it gives you xp. If you don’t care about loosing alignmentr, you can break into the empty rooms and loot the stuff located there. There’s no special equipment or anything tho, so you won’t loose much if you don’t do it. These four are right now a group of adventurers seeking glory, fame and the You can talk a bit to them to get some information.

No big details, but don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of these four buggers. Talk to Parley and listen to her story. Be polite and friendly, and she’ll cast Bull’s Strenght on you. At least, that’s what she does if you are a melee class – any info about spellcasters would be appreciated. Talk to Drezzy for a funny story about his heroic deeds – no reward this time, except for the little laugh.

Enter the door to the main room. You’ll be teleported into a scene with all the heroes who have come to assist Waterdeep and the man himself, Durnan. After a little chitchat you’ll get interrupted by a group of drow. Whack ’em one way or the other, and follow the others into the well room where another drow party is attacking. Whack ’em like the rest, watch the cutscene, and talk to Durnan again. Now it’s time to take it easy for a second, just like Durnan tells you to.

First, let’s get rid of all that gear we took at the armory. Talk to White Thesta, she’s the very first merchant you’ll meet. She’ll also give you a Rod of Resurrection in case the four fools get killed in their assault. Keep that one, you’ll need it later. It’s close to healer, Durnan and a merchant as well. Besides, you need to learn the system of the Reaper anyways, so here’s a good place to start. Don’t worry too much about the rogue stones, there are quite a few in undermountain.

There’s also a possible henchman here, the ever-funny kobold Deekin. Wether you want him or not, you should at least take him into your party and take all his stuff, he does have some decent gear actually. Either way, he does have a lot of funny comments throughout the game, and you really should take him with you at least on one runthrough, just for the comments.

If you lack lore or general buffs, Deekin’s your man. Besides, he’s a decent shot with his crossbow as well. That’s pretty much it here.

There are two possibilities now. Either proceed down, or go to Waterdeep. You’ll be confronted by a guard, but nevermind him, he’ll back off once he finds out who you are. Both of which have some neat items, at least for the first part of the game. Both has some pretty funny dialogue by the way. At the magic shop you can also watch a cutscene of the drow attack on Waterdeep’s Academy. Buy what you need or can afford , and go to the northeastern part of the area to battle some duergar.

When you’re all done, re-enter the Yawning Portal, and proceed downwards into Undermountain. A goblin will speak to you on the double.

You can talk to him and get a lot of basic info on what’s going on in Undermountain. In the end, if you send him up as well as return up yourself, you’ll be able to get Durnan to hire the little bugger as a cleaner. You can also tell the new information to Durnan, and, with good enough persuade, convince him to give you gp. Nice little reward for that tidbit of info, and your alignment doesn’t change at all. If you need more shopping, do it while you’re here, because next stop is Undermountain.

Oh btw, whack the skelly that spawn when you get close to the entrance. By the way, each time you get new info about Halaster, you can go see Durnan and get a similar reward. It’s around In general, if you’re not a trap-finder, beware of traps down here. Also, there are many portals, I wouldn’t use them though, since they teleport you around seemingly random. I prefer to just walk around and explore, but of course, it’s a matter of preference.

The enemy here consists mainly of Ogres, Trolls, Harpies and a single group of Drow and Duergar like the ones at the inn in the beginning. There’s loads of secret doors by the way, so a good search skill is of major use. Some of the doors lead to nothing, others to treasure. Oh by the way. All over the level you’ll find locked chests.

If you’re not a thief yourself, the only option is to bash them. A few of these might take quite a while to bash, but every single chest is possible to break – at least Daelan can do it ; One of the first things you’ll encounter is the body of Sharwyn.

Resurrect her and let her join you if you so wish. You will need to get her some equipment before she’s worth anything though – she has no equipment at all. Let’s explore further. You’ll soon notice a group of colored pillars.

You can’t do anything with them yet, but once you’ve located enough colored rods, you can open the entrance to level 2 there. It’s rather simple, you start with the lever all to the right, pick one of the colums all in the back, and insert a rod of the same color. Repeat that until you get a path through the cube-like thing. Let’s wait with that, however, and explore the entire level 1 – there’s a lot of things to do here, so let’s get on with it.

The Central part, which is the one we start in, has several places of interest: To the west, the mirror hall. This place is sorta creepy. Behind every mirror except one, there is treasure. Don’t destroy the mirrors, look into them, and choose one item to take.

After that, the mirror dissapears, so choose wisely. Not the biggest loot, but hey, it’s something. One of the middle mirrors on the east side creates a copy of you. Hostile as it is, you’ll kill copy-you of course. To the north we have the Hall of Kings.

A lot of skellies are located in chairs, and in the eastern part you get to talk to Enserric. The catch is, you have to kill all the kings to get it. It shouldn’t prove too hard a fight, but it’s still the hardest in this area imo.

The loot is worth it though. What is it with Forgotten Realms and talking swords by the way? It seems there’s one in every game For some reason prolly something to do with the traps on the floor – there are loads, but if you don’t touch them before you attack the dragon, it seems it won’t attack you , it didn’t attack me, so I can’t really say if the fight’s hard or not, allthough I assume the bugger is a pretty tough one.

Remember to loot the treasure room after you nail it. Now, with the central area cleared, we have two choices: North to the ogre lair, or south to the fairy queen. This area’s enemies are primarily Orcs, Ogres and Trolls.

Lots of traps again, and of course secret doors. Five rooms require specific interest: All the way in the southwest part, there is a room called The Maze. It’s full of traps, and each traps sets off a series of magic missiles.

There are two ways to this. Either smash the columns that fire the spells, or reach the northern part and pull the two levers to make it all go away.

Of course, with the two drow marksmen, this is easier said than done, especially for a mage. In the opposite corner, we got a room with a sarcophagus. Your henchman will claim it’s evil, but go click it anyway who listens to henchmen anyway? A Mummy Lord approaches, so kill it, and loot the sarcophagus afterwards for a greater amulet of health. Those things are always handy ; In the middle room to the north we have a pretty big bunch of ogres, trolls and orcs.

Kill ’em all. The room right west of that is the room of the Ogre Mage. It is possible to come to an agreement with the ogre mage, and if you let him run, you get xp. If you have Daelean however, be advised that it’s very likely that Daelean, due to his sheer power, just kills the ogre before you get a chance to talk. Either way, you should kill the bugger, he has some pretty good loot. In this room, there is also a way down to level 2 – if it wasn’t blocked by rocks that is.

If we could just find some explosives hint: south part ;p. These ones are different from the other groups in one point, however. They have GOOD loot. They’re still as easy as the others though, so just slaughter your way through ’em, and enjoy the free equipment.

There are two ways into this area, one at the left part and one on the right part of the map. Both of course from the Central area. If you take the left part down, you’ll start out in a room with three little Grigs who each summons a Zombie Protector notice the three sarcophaguses. There’s a little loot in one of the sarcophaguses. Proceed southwards through a room with ogres and fairies, and into a room with cocoons and spiderwebs. In the middle of the room sort of , you’ll get a web dangling down message.

If you fail the reflex save, you’ll have to fight all in all 4 spiders, with the last one being the Queen. None of them are too tough tho, so it’s fairly easy XP. I’d suggest you keep walking over that spot until you fail it, and whack the spideys. In here you’ll meet the Fairy Queen. She’ll summon all sorts of animals to protect her while she is invisible herself, but nothing too hard, especially not if you got Daelan with you. Like the Ogre Mage, she too will surrender when she reaches near death, and she will talk with you.

If you let her go, you get xp. In her treasury, you’ll also find an Alchemist’s Keg. This can be used to blow away the rocks blocking the door down at the Ogre Mage.

On the other side the right side of the level, there are four rooms. The first room you’ll enter is a measly short battle with some fairies, the second is another battle, this time with Duergar.

The third room is special though. There are three gargoyle statues and a lever at each. Each minute or so, a “skeleton bomb” spawns, when it blows, the gargoyles turn around randomly. The point is to turn the statues so they point at the door.

It’s easy to see, there’s a beam toward the door when they point the right way, pull the lever so they are protected by a force field, thus not turning when the skelly bomb explodes. Do this to all three and the door blows open, revealing another treasure room. The last room, The Bombmaker’s Sanctum is pretty hard to get into. As far as I’ve understood, there are two ways to get in there.

Either bet on the teleporters to land you in there, or locate the secret doors leading inside the room. Either way, the room itself isn’t THAT interesting. A little fairy spawning Skeleton Bombs all the time. I assume that those bombs are the same ones spawning at the before mentioned room, so you could go in there, kill the maker, and have all the time in the world to solve the puzzle at the gargoyles.

It doesn’t really matter much though. The Bombmaker fairy got a Rogue Stone, so that should be enough of an excuse to kill it ; Now, when all this is done, we have two ways of moving downstairs to level 2.

Either we use all the weird colored rods we’ve found scattered about on this level or we use the alchemist’s keg on the door in the northern part. Whatever road you choose, clearing a way down gives you xp.

Either way you choose to go down, you start out at the same place, and only the door to the east to go through. You start with watching a cutscene of a golem running through a door, and some drow trying to open it afterwards. The point is that you need to put n four chains at each of the colored pillars.

Seems the chains teleport randomly around after the door is closed. Enter the door, and watch a fleeing goblin get killed by two drow. Kill the drow and loot the goblin for the yellow chain, and a small key. Now you only miss three chains, and funnily enough, there’s three doors from the central part.

North, South and East. What a coincidence, right? One of those piles spawn a mummy lord and two mummies. Between the east and north door, there’s a trap btw. In the middle of it all, at the door down, the two drow are still trying to bash down the door. Kill em. While you’re here, try checking out the text to the statues, seems the devs have a sense of humor ; Anyway, let’s head south first – things will happen there that’ll help you a LOT in the eastern part.

This area consists of five rooms all in all, and each room is following the other directly. The last one has a Drow sub-commander who is a mage, and a decent one indeed – and the body of little Tomi Undergallows. Kill the drow bastard, and resurrect Tomi xp, just like the others. The drow has some very nice equipment, and of course he has the second chain. Two down, two to go. His shadowdancer abilities makes him pretty damaging with sneak attacks, so in general he’s a decent killer to have around.

Also on this level, in the trapped drow chest, you’ll find a Djinni Bottle. Rub it, and talk to the Djinni for an “Activation Stone” and the possibility of shopping at the Djinni. Now you got your own portable loot-selling place, he doesn’t pay as much as White Thesta though. She’ll pay as maximum for an item, while the Djinni will only pay In the description it tells you that he’ll add new gear when he gets a Soul Gem from you.

I’m not too sure I ever found one of these, but I’ll make sure to let you know if I come across one. I AM sure that there is none in the abovementioned areas though.

Now, remember the Djinni told about a portal in the eastern part? Well, let’s go in, walk through the first door, kill the Rakshaka buggers and loot their corpses for some fine stuff. Well, one of the corpses has a key, so let’s use it and open the next door. Hmm, a group of slaves and a portal.

How interesting. Talk to Shareesh and agree to find the activation stone. Remember the stone we got from the Djinni? Tell him you have it, and the Djinni shows up, telling you that Shareesh isn’t exactly a human slave.

Shareesh goes mad, and demasks himself. Turns out him and the other slaves are Rakshaka. Kill them all, and loot Shareesh’s corpse for the third chain.

We aren’t completely done here yet though, so rest up if needed, and proceed to the next room. Here we have another group of Rakshaka mages.

Kill ’em all, and loot the chests. In the sarcophagus in the middle you’ll find Linu, the last of the four fools rushing down the well.

I haven’t got much experience with her though, so I can’t say if she’s a good choice. Oh, if you, after you clear the area of course, use the activation stone on that portal thing, you’ll get a portal that sends you right outside the Yawning Portal.

Pretty handy I’d say, allthough it’s a bit useless since we’re pretty close to level 3 : [1. This whole area is Goblin-land. Full of traps and some archers that use paint arrows on you. That paint makes you easier to hit, but it can’t really be avoided, so just kill ’em as fast as you can.

If the paint doesn’t dissapear, save and reload. It’s a bug in the game, it’s supposed to dissapear but it doesn’t always. Behind the first eastbound door, you’ll find Stoney, a big bugger with nice loot.

I dunno why he’s named though, he’s hostile right away, and there’s no way to avoid killing him. Either way, he does give a white dragon armor and a nice club. Nothing more here, so move on westwards and kill some more goblin archers, goblin elites and goblin shamans hey, I told you it was Goblin land, didn’t I? Eventually, you’ll come across a bridge, and, if you’re not either a thief or an archer of some sort, you’ll be insanely mad.

Those goblins will fire away at you while you try to make Tomi understand that he needs to remove the traps and pick the locks. I found the best way as a melee char was to just bash one of the doors, run away, heal up, bash the next and go on a killing spree, Tomi is simply way too confused to be any good here. After the bridge, you get into a room with a named goblin who’s pulling some levers.

Kill him, loot everything including the last chain, and – if you can – try working out what those levers are for. I have no idea personally, after spending something around an hour or so just toying around with ’em, I thought to myself: they do nothing, move on you fool. Any info otherwise would be very appreciated. Now let’s move down to level 3. Go back to the chains, attach them all in the right colors, and watch the pool turn active. Click the pool and watch the colors. You have to pull the right chains in the right order afterwards, so remember them.

The colors change each time, but it’s always six colors though, and the same color can come more times in a row. My last one was green, red, green, green, green, yellow for example. When you’re past that, talk to Halaster’s son – a flesh golem. He tells you that the drow has captured Halaster, allthough it seems rather odd that such a powerful wizard as him could be captured by normal drow, it is what has happened. So, after you promise the poor little golem that you’ll free his father, you’re ready to move down and enter the third level of Undermountain.

The first thing you’ll notice is the change of scenery, now it looks natural caves instead of a built dungeon. Seems you’ve gone pretty deep. The second thing you’ll notice is the group of drow attacking you. Kill ’em, and move forward through the west door. A drow female will approach you, and tell you that she’s a member of a rebel force whose intention is to stop the Valsharess ooh, our enemy has a name now. You’ve seen that Valsharess girl, it’s the evil drow from the intro cutscene.

Anyway, this Nathyrra broad tells you that the drow has captured some formians to do slave labour for them. She suggests you free them to gain some allies down here. That seems to be a good idea, so go straight south from where you start, and kill all the drow guarding the formians.

Pull the lever at the queen. She’ll thank you and promise to repay the debt. Some say that you can use Halaster’s magnifying glass found earlier to kill the formians. I haven’t tried that, since I always help them – any info about how and why would be nice.

So, after you IDed all the magical stuff those drow dropped, return to the westbound entrance, and move forward. In the room just before the drow camp, the formians return to you. They give you two options: Either they’ll make a tunnel so you can sneak around the drow or they’ll help you fight them. Even though they don’t give any important items I’d still say you should kill them.

I don’t like the feeling of having a large group of drow behind me when I move forward. It’s your choice though, it shouldn’t matter much wether you kill them or not, but hey, the only good drow is a dead drow, right?

Except Drizzt and Nathyrra’s rebels of course. Either way, that’s it for this part, we’ll move on to the North part of this level. Nothing special here. You move a few steps and Nathyrra returns, telling you that a large camp of drow is very close. She also tells you that you can sneak up behind them, take control of their catapults, and whack ’em that way. One thing though, you won’t get any XP of those kills, so if you’re an XP-hunter, just whack the two controllers so they at least won’t fire at you while you clear out the camp.

You’ll find all your old gear if you loaded in one of the chests down there by the way. By now, the gear should be fairly useless though – but at least you now know that you won’t meet a drow dressed in your stuff ; When you’re ready, move on to the western part. Right when you move forward, you’ll once again meet up with Nathyrra. She’ll tell you that Halaster is being held just behind the gate, and that she’ll help you free him.

Very well, get ready, open the gate, watch a cutscene and go to battle. This battle is pretty tough, archers on hills to both sides, two mages and a handmaiden combined with a group of soldiers. This is a badass group of drow. Once most are dead, smash the three stones around Halaster, and he’ll finish the remaining drow off. Firstly, if you have some of the four resurrected people as henchmen, take their equipment. Trust me, they won’t need it anymore.

None of them will follow you to chapter 2.


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