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Dave mirra freestyle bmx 2 pc download

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There are six locations available and they are immense. Each location consists of at least eight various arenas or parks set up for various types of tricks.

Some locations encourage grinds, plants and wall rides on steel or concrete structures and barriers like the Train Yards or the HWY 47 Cloverleaf. Other locations encourage huge air tricks, jumps and manuals on dirt paths or asphalt such as Woodward Park or Swampy Trails. Quaintly rendered, each area is depicted with the appropriate graffiti or signage, color and texture.

Moving cars, trains, other bikers and various objects such as beach balls and trashcans add some fun and personality to the locations. Grades and inclines will slow you and skidding will leave skid marks. Rider faces are something less than attractive but get used to seeing them, especially when they are turned around and facing you all of a sudden because you got them back pedaling again. A frustrating thing was distinguishing various inclines or bumps that are not very clear, such as stairs or railroad tracks.

You may not know they are stairs or tracks until your rider starts bouncing up and down and flipping over. In addition, at one point when executing a fastplant on the clock face of the clock tower, my rider disappeared into the tower. He was stuck there and brick walls were the only graphics on screen. There are other points where the view pulls you to the side of the rider you have performing a landing on a lip and a wall all of a sudden blocks your view.

That is until the game whips you above your now prone rider, staring at his crumpled body and bike. Please note, parents, that crashing at any point will cause a spray of blood to come from your rider.

If you are not a heavy metal fan or don’t enjoy the grunge-style music associated with these types of games, download your own personal music choices to the game.

It makes the experience that mush more enjoyable. Music audio is clear and unobtrusive unless you desire to crank it to plaster pealing levels. Sound effects are typical and at times quite funny. You have to smile when you accidentally send your rider into deep water and you hear a splash and ‘plunk.

But then again, hearing your rider and his bike getting run over by the train or being hit by a car is somewhat disconcerting yet humorous in a sick, twisted way. A frustrating point between the audio and gameplay was in Free Ride mode, which has no time limits or challenges. This means the music tracks, included tracks or personal downloads, will switch after the average four-minute song length.

Suddenly, you’ll find yourself frozen in the air for a second, stuck in mid-trick while the track changes. One second is an eternity when playing sports games and can easily throw off your rhythm. This doesn’t occur in other modes due to the three-minute time limit, well below the average music track length. However, the amount of glitches and quirks that occurred became too much of a frustration.

The immense levels provided variety and personality to each location but, once again, you still need to control your rider as he moves from section to section, performing tricks along the way.

Controls outside of executing tricks were frustrating and views were at times dizzying. With its strong point on quantity, Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX 2 fails on the quality of rider control and in distinct graphics.

As extreme sports have become more popular, it was only a matter of time before they made their way to video games. Now with Tony Hawk paving the way for Activision, creating a game with unexpected success, other publishers are getting in on the action. Instead of attempting to compete against the highly successful Tony Hawk skateboarding series, Acclaim made a smart move and signed one of the greatest freestyle BMX riders around.

With a variety of riders and ten massive levels that are four times larger than the previous version, chances are this won’t be a game that you can complete in a week. In addition, there are ten multiplayer games and a trick system that allows for amazing amounts of combinations. Its only drawback is the benchmark set by the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. Although different sports, both games run on the same principles and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater moved the mark to an almost unreachable level.

Before starting, however, one of the ten riders must be selected — paying attention to the eight different attributes will help simplify the process. Besides selecting the rider, a bike must be chosen. However, only one bike is available at first, since the rest start out locked. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Download | GameFabrique.Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 (Acclaim) (USA)

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